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Living in the Austin area confers an added responsibility to our fellow residents of the Republic of Texas, during the 140 days, every other year, that the legislature is in session.

So much will happen, in such a short time, that will impact the lives of over 28 million people.

  • Education-funding stands to get gentrified and gutted,
  • the human rights of the non-cisheterowhite person are targeted from every angle,
  • We could win an electoral struggle we've been engaged in for over 30 years,
  • and much much more

We are a microcosm of the national agenda (much of it began here), and the decisions made here will immediately impact well over 60% of the population.

If you find this unacceptable, we implore you to take action with us.

The successes and failures of the next three months will impact our lives for generations to come.

muchisimas gracias

Election 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you can do to GOTV, where to vote, voting problems, and more

Local Voting Guide

Put together by our awesome Sheriff Candidate, Debbie Russell (she does one every election)

Where to Vote?

In Travis County you can vote at ANY polling location

Poll Watching

text Debbie Russell at 512-573-6194 for questions on training information

Training Video

Documents - includes training manual for Election Judges

Election Protection hotlines 866-OUR-VOTE (eng) and 888-Ve Y-Vota (esp)

People can also document their stories about their voting problems. Please encourage people to fill out the report form if they call or write in with problems.

Exit Polling

Instructions and Forms needed are all here - print the forms you need and send results to Election Watch Party:

at the Belmont - Facebook Event

Your Local Candidates

Your Travis County Green Party candidates

Travis County has four Green Party candidates who are seeking local offices through this November’s general election. Bringing years of experience in political activism, these candidates are working for better, more democratic representation in local and state government. They seek to advocate for residents of Travis County against the entrenched and moneyed interests which currently hold inordinate power in our system.

Jill Stein in Austin MONDAY!

Dr. Jill Stein
Green party Presidential Candidate

will be in Austin for two events on

Monday, October 17!

See details and RSVP here:

or on Facebook:

Disability Issues and Policy Discussion:

UT Greens

There are Green Party organizations in Travis County, the state of Texas, the United States nationally, and in many other nations globally.

Why a UT Greens organization on the campus of the University of Texas?

Because the future that's being crafted by those in power is the future you're going to be living in! The politicians of today aren't going to have to live with the consequences of their short-sighted actions, but you are.

Website Recovered and being updated

Hi Everyone,

We finally got our website back and recovered at least one login - long story.

Anyhow, as most of you know this site hasn't been updated in four years, but we are working on it now.

If you are familiar with Drupal, we could use you. We'd rather move to an easier platform, however, so if you can do that work, let us know!!!

The meetings page is now up to date.

The State website has current information on November's election and candidates at

To keep up with what is going on:

Support Citizen's Districting for Austin

This Saturday at 5908 Manor Road, show your support for the "10-1" single member district plan for City Council. This event is from 3-5 p.m. More details available at Remember to vote Yes on Prop 3.

Travis County Green Party Supports Ballot Access Efforts

The Travis County Green Party offers its' support and encouragement to the political parties working to achieve ballot access in the state of Texas. Ballot access in this state hasn't been easy these last 40 years. However, due to the redistricting delay, new parties can petition to be on the ballot starting March 1st with all petitions due June 29th. Secretary of state has more details:

Happy Birthday, Ralph Nader!!

The Travis County Green Party wishes a happy 78th birthday to Ralph Nader, consumer safety and Green Party pioneer. Thanks for all of your hard work and the work you continue to do. Ralph's blog can be found at

Green Party Co-Chair's Letter to the Editor

Travis County Green Party's Co-Chair has been published once more in our great local free paper, the Austin Chronicle. Read Bill's hard-hitting words here:
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